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Quarterly Report: Two contracted PML projects in the works

Posted in Uncategorized by Cornelius Swart on July 22, 2010

Portland Media Lab continues to advance news innovation in the Portland Metro Marker and has contacted with two nonprofits this quarter on two different projects.

WeMakeTheMedia Contract

This quarter Portland Media Lab is working with the non-profit investigative news group WeMakeTheMedia to produce a Communications and Technology Strategy and website mock-up for its new non-profit news publication [name pending].  The new publication is tentatively scheduled to go-live in December of 2010.  Portland Media Lab has been hired to research best practices and make recommend a strategy for using online and social media technology to engage and attract audience to news stories and the news-making process.

Portland Media Lab is working with the creative team at the Hallock Agency to produce a mock-up website and social media tools that will produce the look and feel as well as frame work for the final WMTM news site.

The products of the PML and Hallock contract will also be used in the WMTM capital fund-raising campaign this fall.

The WeMakeTheMedia represents an exciting opportunity for members of the group to help create a new chapter in news innovation. Groups like ProPublica, The VoiceofSanDiego and the TexasTribune have advanced the story on the way 501c3 organizations preserve the vital functions of investigative news and the fourth estate in the internet era.  The PML project hopes to make a contribution to the way that technology is used to this end.

Social Media Portal to Replace The Sentinel

Portland Media Lab’s second project is a social media portal called the North Portland Neighborhood Network.The project is funded by the Lester Viles Fund and will be an automated news portal that will replace some functions of the Sentinel site when it is locked down on August 1st of this year.

The NPNN will be a social media and blog RSS aggregator. The site will pull feeds from various community groups into a single site via a series of widgets like iGoogle’s dashboard.  A user will be able to customize the site in order to prioritizes on the feeds they want.  The project is also hoping to continue the Sentinel’s community calendar function and to include a search window that will lead directly into the Sentinel archives.  However, negotiations with the NPNN host organization, North Portland Community Works are still working to resolve the details on what level of service they can provide. North Portland Community Works is also the fiscal agent for Portland Media Lab.

The NPNN will be up and functioning by August 1st when the Sentinel site is mothballed.

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